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TechTronic Ninja Honest Blair Witch Game Review:

Blair Witch is a psychological horror game by Bloober Team for the PC and Xbox One.

The atmosphere in Blair Witch is breathtaking, set in The Black Hills Forest. Although running through the woods might sound mundane to the avid gamer, be warned because evil lurks within. Take in the beauty at daybreak because you will struggle come nightfall as you will be blinded by the darkness.

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The Blair Witch game is not a carbon copy of the popular movie from the late ’90s, although it does show many similarities. Taking place in The Black Hills Forest, the game starts with the main protagonist and ex-police officer, Ellis, along with his dog sidekick Bullet. Ellis and Bullet are on a mission in search for a missing child. Make sure to grab your walkie-talkie as it will be your only means of communication to the sheriff and search party while you navigate through the mysterious and haunted woods.

Bullet is a helpful companion capable of sniffing out things you may have missed, but he will not be enough to complete your journey. The main tool necessary to survive and defeat the hidden creatures of The Black Hills Forest is your handy flashlight, as you will not be equipped with a weapon for protection. You will also be provided with a phone to make calls and receive messages as well as try your hand at a minigame. Ellis’ backpack is used to store game items, treats for Bullet, and trash littered throughout the woods.


There would be no true Blair Witch without the use of a camcorder. It will be essential on your journey because it is capable of seeing that which cannot be seen by the human eye. It will also be used to alter your surroundings by viewing video footage found throughout The Black Forest.

Bullet will be your right-hand man (or right-hand dog) and will keep you alerted, but he is frightened by the totems scattered throughout the forest. Eliminating these totems will reveal a polaroid of someone eerily standing in a corner, signifying their defeat as the witch draws closer.

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In conclusion, Blair Witch is the definitive horror game and stays true to its roots with its excellent narration and beautifully creepy scenery. It is not a very long game, but this adds to its strengths, as anything longer may seem tiresome to some.

If you are a fan of the Blair Witch franchise, want an interactive horror experience, or you’re just a horror fan in general, give this game a go. You will not be disappointed. Go ahead and explore The Black Hills Forest but be warned. Evil lurks ahead.

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